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Website is an important factor for business owners to gain online reputation. It is the best tool to showcase the brand, product, and service information. The main dream of business owners is to keep up the search engine friendly website and need to rank on the first page. There are several factors that affect a site to get rank in Google. Here, you can understand the reason for causes and how to fix them.

Website is new:

It is the main reason that site cannot appear on Google. The search engine takes several weeks to index the site and replicate changes in search results. When it comes to showing a site, Google pays attention to the number and quality of inbound links that link to the site. Google needs time to build brand authority.

If you create a new site, you never get an immediate ranking. Search engines display sites that keep up in the index. Search engine requires some time to find the site and add it to the index. If you speed up the process of showing the site, you must follow the simple guidelines.

·         First of all, you should wait for a search engine to find out the site.

·         If it takes too much time, you can go to other options.

·         Creating a sitemap is the best option to show a website.

·         Once you create a sitemap, you must submit it to the Google search console.

·         With it, you must inform Google that the site exists and include it in the index.

Crawler is blocked:

Search engine picks up site in the form of crawling. In this way, it sends robots throughout the internet to find new sites and adds them to the index. If you block a crawler, it is difficult to crawl the website. Crawler skips page and never available to appear on search engine.

The crawler may block via the robot.txt file. This file brings instructions to Google on how to handle the site. The majority of the website comes up with this file that is stored in the root directory. You should consider the below things to fix the issue.

·         Check if the robot.txt file is blocking the search engine crawling the site within the console.

·         It is necessary to add a sitemap to the search console.

·         Website owners try to visit the coverage page and keep an eye on any errors.

·         You should check the file directory to view if it is blocked.

·         Once you find out the code with disallow, you must delete it and save the robot file.

·         It is a better idea to permit the Google to crawl the site.

Website is penalized:

The search engine comes up with certain guidelines that every website owners follow. By doing so, your site is eligible to rank on the search engine result page. If you fail to follow guidelines, the site will get a penalty.

It affects pages to rank and takes away from the index completely. Website is penalized for different reasons like hidden texts and keyword stuffing, a structured data problem, deceptive redirect, user-generated spam, and others.

·         You can go to the Google search console and tell if your site is penalized.

·         Then, move to the security and manual action section and click manual actions.

·         It shows you that search engines apply a penalty to the site.

·         Search engine brings you the chance to fix such a problem and submit a request to remove the penalty.

·         Whether the site is ranked well previously and experiences a sudden drop in ranking, the algorithmic penalty is the main reason for that.

·         Performing a technical audit is the best way to find out issues and eliminate duplicate content and performance issues.

Technical issues in the website:

Technical issue present on site is difficult to appear on the search engine result page. There are different problems that affect website performance, such as HTTP errors, server crashes, and DNS problems. On the other hand, it affects user experience.

These issues hinder search engine ability to crawl and index sites. Heavy use of javascript on-site is a common technical problem. Javascript is the main reason for Google to crawl and trouble with Google finding and indexing page. It may also minimize the visibility of web pages. 

·         Perform a technical SEO auditof the site is the best option for owners to eliminate issues. 

·         It is a better idea for owners to get complete details about the diverse technical problem on site.

·         A high quality web host is the best solution to get rid of a number of technical problems.

·         Apart from that, you try to reduce the amount of javascript on site.

·         With the aid of the render and fetch tool on Google console, it is easy to view specific javascript elements.

No index tag on page:

Google crawl page is an important part of keeping site appears in Google. Website owners make sure that allow Google to the index page. Moreover, the index and crawl page is similar. You may also tell search engines that you need to index certain pages and include them. No index tag acts as a small piece of code that attach to a page. Sometimes, tags don’t add to the website.

·         Site owners try to check google console to view whether pages have no index tag applied.

·         Then, switch over to the coverage page and search for errors that show submitted URL marked no index.

·         Whether you find the tag on unwanted pages, you can eliminate them in different ways.

·         You can go to the HTML page for a specific page and eradicate it.

·         Website owners also use software to specify the page that manages the tag.


Website is too slow:

People often like to visit sites that provide a good user experience. Search engine efforts to bring visitors a stunning experience. Google keeps an eye on different technical factors to index and rank pages. Website page speed is an important technical factor of Google. A slow loading page is the main reason for the poor user experience. It affects site visibility on Google, Contact us to improve your website page speed.

Perform of the mobile website is a high priority when compared to the desktop version. Search engines focus on mobile-first indexing while indexing, crawling, and ranking page. The mobile site acts as a baseline to evaluate the quality of the site. Slow loading affects individual pages from ranking. Other causes of slow loading pages are lack of server resources, javascript issues, and large images.

·         In such a case, site owners rely on the best tool to test the loading speed of the website.

·         If the site has too much data, you can switch over to Google search console core web vital report to check the performance of every page on site.

·         URL may also categorize depending on loading speed like fast, moderate, and slow.

·         You must check every page detail to get a better understanding of what reason for lagging in performance.

·         It is necessary to catch pages and use a content delivery network.

·         By following CDN, you can keep up the saved version of the static element on site.

·         It is the best method to minimize the number of requests that users browsers want to get back to service.

·         Site owners speed up the load time of every page.

How to place the site on search engine:

Don’t worry about placing the site on Google. Site owners must perform simple steps to overcome the trouble of attaining rank. It is the best solution to boost search engine visibility.

Set up Google console account:

Setting up a Google search console account is an essential step for site owners to get the site to show on Google. It acts as the main hub for watching a performance of a site in search engines and brings useful tools.

Submit sitemap:

You must submit a sitemap for the site once creating a search console account. Based on it, the search engine knows that the site exists and provide a list of URL that is suitable for index and crawling. Google adds the website to the queue.

Utilize URL inspection tool:

URL inspection tool is mandatory for site owners to determine the status of a specific URL. While you type URL, you can enter into relevant page with index data. You may also view if the site is on Google and mobile-friendly.

Conduct technical audit:

With the aid of a technical audit, website owners diagnose any issues on site. Technical issues create a negative impact on website search engine ranking. The technical audit helps you to get insight into different things like broken links, crawl errors, site load time, HTTPS status code, sitemap status, duplicate content, and others.

The author provides simple tips and guidelines to fix issues on the website. They recommend JDM Web Technologies as the best company to pick up service. Professionals bring the right solution to keep the site on the web.

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