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Everest Base Camp Trek - A Complete Travel Guide


The trip starts from Delhi by a flight to Kathmandu. After the Delhi to Kathmandu flight you must also take a flight to several other places like Lukla, Phakding, etc. Or you can also take up the road ways. The journey will take you to 5455 measures the altitude of Kala Pather. So the journey is going to be grueling.

What are the prerequisites in this journey?

     So there are conditions of nice mackintoshes, full coat jackets, a down jacket, wrap, warm leak proof gloves, sturdy hiking shoes, sleeping bags, water bottles or a bladder, journey poles, a particular camp gear, and most importantly physical fitness. The journey poses some of the delicate tasks in terms of hiking in low oxygen situations, crossing aqueducts with delicate terrains etc. So fashioning yourself to the conditions and opposing the obstacles is veritably important demands for this 14 day long trail. You need to learn to push yourself from the time you get tired.


From Lukla to Namche Bazaar

     It takes on an average 14 days to complete the whole journey to Everest Base Camp. Lukla is the starting point of the journey. From Kathmandu you can take a flight or a machine to reach Lukla. You can also take an out- road adventure towards Bubsa, the road to Lukla. The road to Bubsa is an audacious bone with numerous swash crossings on the way, with uneven and steep roads and beautiful falls. But it's a delicate task to travel via road.


 From Lukla your first destination to reach via touring is Phakding, which is 2610 measures above ocean position. You can take a rest for that day and your day 2 starts with a journey to Namche Bazaar, which is 3500 meters above the ocean. In the midst of the journey you'll get to see numerous gutters and the notorious bone being Dudh Kosi swash. From then on the hike has numerous ascends so you must use this place for adaptation. On the journey you can not forget to hydrate regularly as at least 3 liters of water is needed per day. You can conclude for a bladder, which is principally an immolation which goes outside your bag and there's a straw attached to the water so that you can keep drinking water.


 To reach Namche Bazaar you need to cross the loftiest bridge which is a convergence point of 2 gutters, Imja Khola and Dudh Kosi. Reaching Namche after a 7 hour long hike is a pleasure. On your stay at Namche, you can explore the place and taste the cuisine there.


From Namche Bazaar to Debuche

      The coming hike is toDebuche.The apparel and all rudiments can now be stored in duffel bags. You can hire janitors to carry all your luggage on yak tails. Trek to Debuche is relatively steep and you'll get to see some stupendous dens like Imja vale and shops like Juniper Berries and Birch timber. But the foliage becomes thin as you near Debuche. There's Tengboche Monastery during the trip which is 13000 base altitude. After 15 twinkles or so you'll reach Debuche.


From Debuche to Dingboche

       There are Mani mounts  in the way for the Monks. There's an absolute gain in altitude with this trail to Dingboche along with thinning of Oxygen. So you must be prepared for this. You can prefer to take another rest day at Dingboche in order to adapt to the coming 14000 base altitude.


From Dingboche to Lobuche

      The trail will take you to the Cathedral of Gods-Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Taboche, Cholatse, Cho Oyu. There's a potent Khumbu glacier, the loftiest glacier in the world. The path is with big white boulder jewels and patches of glaciers. The Lobuche pass is a bit dimmed. The geography is dotted with monuments of those who failed while climbing.


From Lobuche to Everest Base Camp

      The altitude from now on is that every step to hike will take at least 5 steps at ocean position. Ever since you left Lobuche, you'll see Khumbu glacier each over with its side moraine. And from then you'll see the clear view of Everest, still not the peak. From Gorak Shep, which is at 5190 meters altitude, it would be a great view of Everest. This place was formerly used to be the original base camp of Everest. And now the only thing left after the laborious trail is the Mount Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5364 meters. The trail is absolutely worth it and who'll not want to achieve and reach the base camp of the loftiest mountain in the world.


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