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Devolo wireless DB booster fails to extend the router network?


A slow internet connection will not fulfill all the requirements of internet daily activities. A high speed internet connectivity must be required to complete all the activities that are based on the internet. If you are using a wireless network it will give you internet connectivity. But the range is not enough to use in a large house. So in this case to extend the network connection you can use a devolo wireless DB router. It will increase the optimum wireless range of your router. The dual band frequency of the extender enhances the network more widely and covers all the dead zones or tough areas. Where your traditional router is not capable of providing the range.


The devolo wireless booster will expand the network by boosting the network signal just by catching 10% of signal. The devolo wifi booster comes with many advanced features. Like dual band frequency, MU-MIMO technology makes it more compatible to connect multiple devices at one time and use the internet without any network interruptions. The built-in 2 external antennas catch the low frequency of your wireless router and transmit the signal by repeating it. The LED indicator shows the actual status of your wireless booster. The extender is perfect in shape and size that makes your device more attractive to user’s.


Devolo wireless DB booster fails to extend?

The wireless range of the router will extend with the devolo booster more powerfully. If your router is not getting proper range coverage, Install a devolo repeater in your home and say BYE-BYE to the weak dead zones as well as buffering. The devolo extender is a dual band router as well as wall mounted features. This device is compatible to work with all kinds of routers as well as wireless devices. If you are getting any kind of issues like not extending the network you can follow the given steps to fix it.


Restart your extender

In order to fix the issue, You need to perform a restart. Simply disconnect all the connected wireless of your devolo wireless DB booster. Including the power adapter and wait for sometime. Now simply insert all the cables properly and connect the power adaptor into a working electric outlet and switch the power “ON”.  Then, Check it’s working or not.



Update firmware

If your devolo extender firmware is not updated and you are using an outdated version. Then, these kinds of issues can occur. Update your booster with the latest firmware version. Simply open the official website and select your device model firmware and download it.


Now visit the device management portal and select the firmware upgrade option. Then in the next page select your downloaded file and click to update. Your devolo wireless DB booster will automatically update shortly.


Perform factory reset of devolo wireless DB booster

Even following these given steps the problem is not solved. Then you need to perform a factory reset. To reset your extender power it “ON”. Then press the “RESET” button for 10 seconds and release the button. Your extender will automatically enter factory reset mode and all the settings will change as default.





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