What Is Backlight Bleed and How Can You Fix It?


You might have seen it a lot of times that your monitor is not showing you clear visuals.  By clear visuals we mean that you see some cloud like or flashlight spots of light on the edges of your screen. This is called backlight bleed.

LCD screens work on backlight principles. There are light emitting diodes on the back which light up to provide you images which you see on the screen. When backlight of these monitors is leaked due to any reason whether low quality or damaged panel, you start to see these patterns on your screen. These are mostly visible when you are enjoying your viewing pleasures in the dark, or if there are dark visuals on your screen.

Types of Background Bleeding

You will encounter different types of background bleeding regardless of the monitor model and panel technology. But mainly there are two types and let see what those are.


Clouding means seeing visible irregular patches all over your screen. this occurs when the backlights are concentrating on one area only and leaving the other areas a bit darker. This can be very frustrating and can even ruin your whole viewing experience.

Flash lighting

As the name suggests, flashlighting means that you will witness flashlight like spots on the corner of your screen and sometimes in the center as well. The corners will have bright spots whereas the center of screen seems a bit darker. This is much smaller and less visible than the other backlight bleed.

How to Fix Backlight Bleeding?

Now that we have gone through what backlight bleeding actually is, let us take a look at how you can fix this problem. Below mentioned are the best ways to fix your monitor if it is showing you background bleeding.

Loosen it Up

Sometimes backlight bleeding can occur when your monitor or display is screwed up too tightly. It can cause the backlight of your LCD panel to leak out and cause problems. You can try to loosen up the monitor to see if it resolves the issue. Loosen the screws of frame, but don’t make them too loose as the panel could fall and leave you with a dead monitor.

Use Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is used by many repair guys which is basically an electric insulation tape. When you are experiencing the backlight leaking from the edges,you can try to cover the edges with this tape and see if it solves your problem. Mostly this step works and can hold the backlight from leaking.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Sometimes backlight bleeding can also be caused by dust, grease, or liquid particles in your display. Clean your display using a microfiber cloth to fix this problem. Get a soft microfiber cloth and gently rub on the affected areas in a circular motion. But be very careful as you are doing this and apply light pressure or else you will cause more damage to your monitor. Before cleaning the display, you should make sure that it is turned off and not plugged in to a socket. Also keep it off for some time after cleaning so the display can settle.

Change lighting

Backlight bleeding is obvious mostly when you are streaming or gaming in a dark room. If the surrounding is dark, then these spots will be more visible. You can try to brighten up the lights in your room, so the bleeding is not visible. Another thing you can do is to reduce the brightness of your display, so the bleeding spots are less visible.

Buy a New Display

When you have tried all of the above-mentioned ways, but the problem persists, then you are left with only one choice and that is to buy a new display. Maybe your display is too old to be fixed now, and it is not worth spending money on it. So, the best thing to do is to buy a new one. If you are looking to buy good quality monitors display, then we recommend visiting Laptop Outlet and choose from a wide collection of monitors.

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