Top Companies Hiring Now for Seasonal Jobs


The season is here and abundance is all around. This also holds true for the rise in abundance in the job hiring prospects. Not only does the holiday season bring about joy and togetherness, but it also brings about new earning opportunities, particularly for job seekers.

The Hiring Trend:

The season's hiring trends have gone up to a great extent in specific industries. Industries such as retail, particularly in the gifting sections & hospitality industries see a rise in holiday hiring during the season. Yes, this might be the norm during each and every year, but this year holds the potential for an increased number of holiday hiring compared to previous years.

More often than not, seasonal hirings is usually in full swing as a lot of people are looking to work more jobs to help supplement their income better. Some job seekers also look to get hired during the holiday season so that they can avail themselves of discounts on a brand’s products or services. However, for some though, the hiring during this season also is a means to help them get their foot in the door when it comes to their career.

This year, in particular, has seen a lot of raise in hiring trends due to two reasons; the increased norm of remote convenience and the job layoffs brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Because people have become so used to getting things delivered to their doorsteps, hiring for delivery drivers and warehouse workers has only increased.


The great thing is that a lot of top companies are on a hiring binge this season. These seasonal jobs truly have come at a very opportune time because of all the layoffs. This is why this article wants to give all you job seekers out there a heads-up about the companies that are hiring during this holiday season.

List of the companies hiring for the season:


Let us start with the biggest retail company, shall we? Last year, in 2020, Amazon was able to create close to 400,000 jobs. These included the hiring of warehouse workers, package sorters and delivery drivers.

Hiring at Amazon offers job seekers bonuses of up to $3,000 with a starting wage of $15 per hour. 


Similar to last year, when FedEx Ground hired thousands of new employees, this year too they are offering various positions. These include warehouse workers and delivery drivers as well.  Apart from the new hires, existing employees are also being given the benefit of increasing their daily hours. 


Macy is on a roll when it comes to keeping up with the seasonal jobs trend. They are hiring both part-time and full-time workers. Predictions have it that these roles and listings will only increase as the holiday season progresses. Macy’s offer’s its employees flexible hours as well as employee discounts.


The company is all set to hire close to 10,000 seasonal employees this year during the holiday season. Some of these happen to be work-from-home positions too and some seem like they will be located in Ohio, Illinois and Oregon. You can also get a chance to become a full-time employee with the company.


Target is another big brand that is on a hiring spree this season! They too are all set to hire thousands of new workers in their various divisions. These divisions include distribution centers, stocking and general merchandising to name a few.


The wage starts at $15 per hour. Apart from this, the company also provides the employees with various perks like store discounts, flexible hours and even a  virtual doctor’s visit if the need ever arises.


Another year and another seasonal hiring bombardment by UPS is underway. With thousands of jobs up for grabs, including those of delivery drivers, package handlers and personal vehicle drivers, joining UPS is another option that is wide open.


The hiring process of Kohl’s is already underway in their stores, distribution and Sephora sector as well. The pay per hour differs from one position to another. Other than this, the employees of the company are also given benefits like flexible timings, a 15% discount and a weekly payout scheme.


Listed under Fortune’s Top 100 Companies to Work in 2021, Burlington is also looking to bring on new blood into the company. Since they are spread across the entire country, they are on the lookout for job seekers who are living far and wide. This offers greater opportunities to job seekers across the country!

United States Postal Service:

The USPS is also looking to hire new people during this holiday season. This is essentially because, for them, this happens to be the busiest season yet. From offering competitive compensations and on the job training, they want to hire thousands of new candidates to help them cope up with the demand of the holiday season!

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the companies that are looking forward to providing opportunities to job seekers and helping them get back on their feet whilst also ushering in the holiday season. So, if you are a job seeker, then we suggest you have a look at these companies and take the leap!

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