Although Parvati’s natural depression is pleasant throughout the year, the simplest time to undertake the Kheerganga Trek is between Oct and June. Trekking isn't counseled throughout monsoons because it becomes risky and too troublesome throughout rains. Oct is mostly thought of a decent month for the trek and you'll realize several avid trekkers on the Kheerganga expedition from August to Oct. April, could area unit smart months too. The temperature can average from fifteen degrees to twenty five degrees Anders Celsius.



Getting to Bhuntar:

The journey to the start of the trek will be simply broken into 2 phases the primary of that is reaching Bhuntar. Bhuntar has AN landing field, that makes the place simply approachable through the air, however if motion by automotive or bus it takes 14hours to succeed in Bhuntar from urban center.

Bhuntar to Barshaini:

In the second part, you reach Barshaini from Bhuntar. you'll reach Barshaini either through a jolting bus ride or through a taxi. On your thanks to Barshiani, you'll create a visit Kasol. Kasol is another one among the gems on the approach, that acts because the base camp for quite few treks.

From Barshaini there area unit 2 choices to travel for the Kheerganga trek; you'll either bear the taradiddle and Nakthan Village or through the Kalga Village route.

1. Nakhtan Village

This route is lined with exquisite bird's-eye views of the mountains and is most well-liked by the photography enthusiasts. This route is that the most well-liked route to Kheerganga and traverses on the left facet of the Parvati stream.

The trekking level is medium with some troublesome stretches. This route can take you 3 to four hours.

2. Kalga – Pulga Village

Offering a better climb, the second route to Kheerganga is relatively simple and with longer descents. Not in style, this route is lined with dense forests and doesn't provide picturesque views because the trek from Taradiddle to Kheerganga, that could be a distance of 7kms. This route is mostly most well-liked by individuals low on stamina.

This route will take you through the villages of Kalga and Pulga wherever you'll halt for a moment and take footage. you'll walk around and bind the hospitable locals of those villages. If you retain a decent pace, you'll end this route in four hours. If you prefer a slow trek, you'll end it in five to six hours.

Descent & ReturnThere could be a little Shiva temple on the trek. Lord Shiva is alleged to have meditated in Parvati natural depression for thousands of years. For the best purpose, there's a pool with waters from a thermal spring. It’s known as Parvati Kund. All throughout the trek routes, you'll see stunning pine forests, gushing waterfalls, and views you've got ne'er seen before. On each route, you'll see cafes and dhabas for refreshment.

Stay choices close to Kheerganga

Kheerganga includes a heap of choices once it involves staying. These choices embody the Ashram on high of the hill and also the picket homes that act because of the ideal homestays. you'll enter for the choice of the tents conjointly.

They are offered at cheap rates otherwise you will discover your own carry your own tent instrumentation ANd set an abode anyplace you please. The rates of those accommodations vary from Rs.100 to Rs.500 counting on your priority of comfort.

Food choices close to Kheerganga

Like most places in Himachal, Kheerganga conjointly includes a smart type of cuisine and restaurant setups to please the passing travelers. The costs of the food area unit are moderate and also the quality is smart. The cuisines which will be simply found during this place embody Chinese, Israeli, Indian, and also the native Himachali preparation.

One of the must-try things at these very little dhabas and cafes is their inordinately hot drinks like tea, occasional et al, that once combined with the spectacular red wreak ideal rejuvenation package.

Best Time to go to Kheerganga

The best time to undertake this trek is within the months of could, June, Sep,t and Oct. it's throughout these months that the weather is pleasant and there's little or no wetness

Kheerganga Trek value

Travel: a non-public taxi from Bhuntar to Barshaini can value around Rs. 1200. Buses from Bhuntar to Barshaini will value any place from Rs. 150 to Rs. 500. Shared taxis from the Manikaran area unit are offered too, which might value around Rs. 200.

Accommodation: area fare per night is around Rs. five hundred at lodges and cottages. However, at the Ashram in Kheerganga, you'll rent shared rooms for as low as Rs. 150. you'll conjointly discover your own tent for a tiny low fee.

Food: Rs. five hundred per day

Itinerary for Kheerganga Trek

Day one – Bunnter to Barshaini

Reach Barshaini from Bhunter, keep nightlong.

The day a pair of Barshaini to taradiddle

Distance: 12km., duration: 6-7 hours

Walk by road from Barshiani to Taradiddle, a tiny low village from wherever the trek through the forest starts. As you trek you'll cross the Nakhtan Village and also the temple of Rudranag.

Both of those places will be opted for a stopover, before reaching Kheerganga. Once you reach Kheerganga, keep night long in your most well-liked accommodation.

Day three Back to Bhuntar

Distance: twelve metric linear unit, duration: 6-7 hours

Wake up early to create positivity. You don’t miss the impeccable sunrise and also the read of the mesmerizing mountains within the orange glow of the dawn.

Then head for a shower within the spring and kit up for breakfast. after breakfast, begin the trek back to Barshaini. As you reach Barshiani, attempt to catch the evening bus to Bhuntar.

Safety & Travel Tips and Tricks

Trek necessities

Trek necessities

Make sure to hold heat articles of clothing regardless of the season you decide to hike in.

Carry your own trekking gear and instrumentation.

All essential medications and a cushy and hike-friendly combination of shoe area units are indispensable.

Since the weather is extremely unpredictable, you ought to carry summary and moveable rain gear conjointly.

Take the required permits for trekking within the region beforehand to avoid bother.

If choosing a guide, check that he's an expert and fix the costs ahead.

Make sure you carry a decent camera beside you, to capture the charming views. you ought to conjointly carry additional batteries since there's an occasion of no electricity offer.

Embarking on this trek has been amazing to quite a range of traveller

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