How To Add RSS Feed On Website?


Users are always engaged in exploring and browsing the latest information and updates. As a result, they look up to multiple platforms to gather information.


What can be more amazing than your website providing them with wholesome content? By doing this, you will be able to drive more user attraction, traffic, and reach. You can easily amplify your website's visual appearance by this.


Adding RSS feeds on the website serves multiple benefits. But before jumping onto the procedures, let us first understand, what is an RSS feed?


This blog will guide you through the ways on how to add RSS feed on website. So without further ado, let's get started.


What Is An RSS Feed

RSS stands for really simple syndication. It is a web feed that allows the users to access the information and updates to websites in a standardized and computer-readable format.


Rather than hopping into different websites for content, an RSS feed allows users to keep up track of many websites in a single news aggregator. The best part of all is that it can be built in a browser, installed on a computer, or on a mobile device too.


Step by Step Guide To Add RSS Feed On Website

Register To A Social Media Aggregator

First things first. Register yourself on any social media aggregator that aligns well with your website’s needs and requirements.


If you already have an account then, nothing is better than that. Simply log in and get started.


Connect To The Platform

After successfully registering into the social media aggregator, here comes the second step.


You will directly land on the dashboard page. Click on add social feeds to get an RSS feed on the website.

After this, a pop-up will appear displaying many platforms to choose from to Add the same on your website. Click on RSS as the source of the feed.


Create Feed

Once you have selected the platform, another pop-up will appear. Fill up the required details and simply click on the create feed option.


To create a feed, you will be required to simply enter the display name and feed URL.


Personalize And Design

This is the best thing about social media aggregators. You can easily design and personalize the created feed as per your needs and website’s requirements.


Starting from a range of different layouts, cut=stom themes, designs, fonts, colors, a social media aggregator provides everything.


Some social media aggregators also offer a moderation panel. You can easily moderate and monitor the content by removing irrelevant and inappropriate content. By doing this, you will be able to display the premium quality content on the website.


Select The Website Building Platform

After customizing your feed, here comes the next step. A pop-up will appear showing different website building platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, Html, etc.


As per your requirement. Choose the platform you want. And click on get code.


Copy And Paste The Code

Here comes the last step of the entire adding process. The best part of using many social media aggregators is that you can customize the generated code as well. You can change the width and height as you like.


Once you do that, an embed code will be generated. Copy the code and paste it on the backend of the website.


And tada, you have successfully embedded the RSS feed on your website.


So these were the steps to embed an RSS feed on your website. Now to crop down your research a bit more, let’s quickly have a look at the best tools to embed the same.


Tools To Add RSS Feed On Website


Taggbox is a social media aggregator that collects content from multiple sources. It is a highly responsive tool that gives a seamless experience to the users. You can easily personalize your feed with its creative customization features.


Following are some of its more features:-

     Advanced moderation tool

     Easy rights management

     Custom CSS



This is a free social media aggregator that lets you collect, curate, and personalize the content hassle-free. It offers a range of features.


Some of the features offered by it are as follows:-

     Content filtering

     Custom CSS

     Analytics to generate reports

     Instant content updates



Feedity is an innovative cloud-based service that turns public web content into multiple elements. These can be spreadsheets, market intelligence., media marketing, buzz tracking, competitive intelligence, etc.


This tool lets content subscribers and publishers easily integrate public web content.


Following are some of its features:-

     Image extraction

     Web data extraction

     IP address and phone no. extraction

     Chat support system


Let’s Call For A Wrap Now!

Now you have come to the end of this blog. This blog covered all the steps you need to know before add an RSS feed on the website. The later part of the blog showed the best tools you can use to embed the same.


So now what are you waiting for? Go and quickly add it on your website and see it getting more reach and traffic than ever before.

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