How Has Technology Transformed The Higher Education System?


Today, we observe technologyall around the world. It is evolving at a high pace. It dominates every aspect of our life. It makes things easy for us. We use it from garage to kitchen. It also affects the education system of the world. We can say that the basic education system is still present. Students learn from teachers and use books for references. Yet, technologyaffect the whole education system. Higher education systems adopt technologybefore others. Technologyhas now become an essential part of society. Computers and the internet affect higher education the most. Manyhigher education systems consider it essential for success. Students and teachers both take benefits from thetechnology. It also affects the performance of both teachers and students. Technologytransforms the learning process. Remote learning is the best example of it. The world experiences it in the time of the pandemic. The way technology has revolutionized the education system is amazing. Let’s have a lookat how technology transforms the higher education system.

Removing the barriers

It removes the geographical barriers. Now, teachers and students don't need to meet. Students can learn from anywhere in the world. They can get online degrees. Now, they don’t need to travel abroad. They can learn by sitting on their warm beds. Traditional high schools also offer online courses. Students can get degrees without meeting their teachers. Many students want to get their education from abroad. Yet, the geographic barriers don't allow them. Technologybreaks these barriers. Now, African students can get their education from high school in London. It's all possible due to the technology. Technology has also helped students to continue their studies in pandemics. Removing the barrier is the biggest contribution of technology.

Beyond chalk and talk

Technology takes education beyond chalk and talk. Now, teachers use technologies to give lectures to students. They use different visuals to brief the topic(Hero, 2019). It helps students to understand it in a better way. Now they can explain concepts with images. Now students are not relying on their imagination. A deeper understanding gives positive results. Students can perform tasks. They can say that we are not only listening about the topic. We experience it by doing. Students can easily revise at home by using recorded lecture videos.

Massive content

Technologyallows free and easy access of educational content and academic databases. No, students do not want to visit the library. They have access to content of any kind. They can search anything on the internet and getdesired results. Now, learning is not limited the classrooms. Students can use the internet for getting a deeper understanding of the topic. Internet allows everyone to share their experiences. Students find a lot of data for their studies. Yet, it is better for them to use credible data. It increases their understanding. Moreover, it also gives more significant information about the issue.

Updated with new knowledge

According to an assignment helpfirm, in the past, textbooks are teaching tools. Nowadays textbooks are considered as an outdated source of information. The books also don’t provide the firsthand information about the current events going on. Technologyhas changed this trend. Now, Indian students know what is happening in the UK. Technologyalso allows access to new information on every topic. Now teachers can keep students aware of current events. They can also promote discussion on events happening in the real0-time. Students can share their point of views in real-time. This boosts interactive learning between students. Teachers can also share new studies on issues with the students. It helps students to understand the world in a better way.


Every human is different from the other. Their minds also work in a different way. They all have different learning styles. In past, we treat all students in the same way. We taught the same books to everyone. In this approach the students are losing their interest. Now, technology allows us to change this approach. Now, universities understand that one thing is not to show the result for every student. Technologyallows us to focus on every individual in a different way. Teachers use different technologies to teach students. Students can also use different tools to understand the topic. A problem has many solutions. If a student cannot understand one solution, he may choose the other one. So, technology allows us to focus on the issues of the individuals.


Technology makes the higher education system flexible. It changes the culture of universities. Now, students are not bound to reach there at 9:00 AM. Many students leave their studies due to family responsibilities. Technology allows them to complete their study. Now, they can manage their study while working. They are free to take lectures when they find the time (Zufarova, 2020).  It also allows students to learn and earn together. Now, women with young kids can also take classes. Technology offers a lot of flexibility to higher education.

Decreases cost

Technology decreases a lot of costs. Now students don’t have to spend on expensive books. Remote learning also saves their expenses. They don’t have to meet travelling expenses. Now, students don’t need to buy notebooks. They have to carry a lot of weight with them. Now, a tablet is enough to do every task. Many countries transfer their courses in digital form. Even the developing countries also allow students to use digital books. Book lovers can read books without bearing its cost. So, technology plays a significant role in decreasing the cost.


Technology is playing a significant role in transforming the higher education system. It plays an important role in removing geographic barriers. They get their degrees without going to universities. Technologyallowseasy and free access. They learn about the topics by themselves. It increases the interaction between students. It also familiarises the student with new knowledge. It makes the higher education system more flexible. Students can learn according to their ease. They know about the current situation of the world. Hence, technology has a significant impact on the education system. This impact shows great positive results for the higher education system.


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