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Everything you need to know about dental visits


Everyone is aware of the fact that visiting the best dental clinic in Karachi is essential. However, the question that arises is how often you should go? The standard rule says about going to visit the dentist every six months. Many studies have indicated that people without facing any dental problems can visit the dentist once a year. However, people who constantly face some dental issue or the other should visit the professionals every 3-4 months. Here we have outlined recommendations to help you know how frequently you should get your teeth checked by experts.

Regular exams

These exams are vital for many reasons. The dentist can check your teeth whether they are healthy and strong or not. Moreover, they can clean them and tackle dental problems that you may not think of as severe.

Prevent dental problems

Years ago, people would visit the dentist to solve and fix dental problems that had already occurred. However, as technology advances, dentists are far more educated and experienced now, knowing the importance of keeping good dental hygiene. Dentists can solve dental problems before their symptoms start to show up.

Teeth clean-ups

Visiting the dentist to get your teeth properly cleaned can reduce potential dental problems. These professionals do not just remove stains from teeth, moving a step ahead in giving you a brighter smile, but they also work to remove plaque. It is a transparent and sticky coating of bacteria. The buildup of plaque can cause tooth decay and several gum diseases as well. Moreover, if not removed, it might harden and develop into tartar. Removing tartar has to be removed by a professional dentist using their unique and advanced tools.

Extra visit

Sudden pain or dental problem that shows up needs an extra visit to the professionals. Be it your tooth being sensitive or a toothache, you need to book an appointment as soon as possible as it might indicate a serious problem. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it because leaving a dental problem to go away will just worsen the situation.

Health problems

Going to these experts to get a checkup while you have had a health change or have been diagnosed with illnesses is an excellent way to figure out whether there will be any consequences on your dental health. These professionals will give proper advice and also recommend potential treatments.


In case you have children, make sure you take them to a professional and skilled dentist often, understanding the importance of good dental hygiene. Children’s first visit must happen within the period of 6 months of their first tooth showing up. Besides checking whether teeth are growing healthy, and no problems are upcoming, frequent visits will make them familiar with the dental equipment. The more familiar and comfortable they feel from a young age, the more likely they will maintain good dental hygiene.

What happens when you avoid the dentist?

Unfortunately, avoiding dental visits is very common worldwide, not getting the dental care we need. Keeping that in mind, let us take a look at how long it is okay to go without paying a visit to the dentist, along with knowing the importance of regular visits.

Professionals usually say about six months or a year as the standard period of time between your dental visits. However, the truth is, it varies for every individual and relies on a number of factors like your age or living style. But it is also important to note down that in case you don’t visit them as much as you should, you are putting yourself at risk of oral cancer, the building of plaque and ultimately tartar, cavities, various gum diseases, and continuation of bad oral hygiene habits.

Even the people who consider themselves as the most careful brushers and flossers might experience cavities and other dental problems, making it necessary to be all the time on the side of caution. The longer you avoid getting treated, the more costly and complicated its solution will turn out to be.

Younger people require more frequent visits

While children are growing, their jaws and teeth tend to shift and grow. They might also be susceptible to tooth decay due to the high sugar intake of youngsters. To be sure their teeth develop in the right way and tooth decay doesn’t set, kids who have growing teeth shouldn’t miss their visits to the dentist any more than 6 months.

It might be difficult for them to visit the dentist in their late teen years when their teeth will be fully grown. However, when they get to their early 20s, their wisdom teeth might begin to push through, making regular visits to dentists even more critical to be able to keep a watch on the progress.

Higher risk units might need to pay more visits

There might be few people who are at high risk of developing dental problems like their teeth or oral hygiene, need to visit professionals at least every six months. Such people might include pregnant women, people with diabetes, people facing gum diseases, those with high sugar intakes, individuals with a weak immune system, smokers, and anyone going through stress or illness.

Less often appointments for healthy and strong teeth

Does your dentist rarely discover dental problems during your visit or are you at little risk of having cavities or gum diseases? Well, if that is the case, then you might be able to extend the time period between your two visits to the dentist. Visiting the dentist once a year is a reasonable length of time, to begin with.

However, make sure to remember that each individual is unique and will require different levels of dental care and hygiene. Moreover, if you are not very sure about how often you need to get dental checkups or you have been avoiding going to the dentist for years, the best way is to book an appointment with the experts and discuss everything with them in detail. The professionals will make sure that they evaluate your risk level and recommend you a schedule, ensuring that you take care of your teeth and mouth as much as possible.


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