Best cheap android smartwatches in low rates


There's never been more variety when it comes to inexpensive smartwatches. For the first time, sub-$100/£100 smartwatches are holding their own against much more expensive alternatives. The likes of Amazfit and Xiaomi are producing genuinely capable smartwatches for reasonable costs, forcing Apple to respond by reducing the price of its Apple Watch Series 3.


Smartwatches with features like ECG remain expensive, but there has been an increase in lower-cost devices emphasizing features and neglecting price. In 2021, they'll be providing excellent experiences that are simple to recommend.


Amazfit GTS 2 Mini:

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini is another budget Amazfit, costing $79.99. It's between the Bip U and the fully-fledged GTS2/GTR 2 in terms of price.


So what’s the difference between the Bip U and the GTS 2 Mini? Not as much as you’d think. The build of the GTS 2 Mini is a little more stylish, and you get a superior AMOLED display over the Bip U. The case materials are better and it's smaller. It's only $20 more and we think it's worth that little bit extra.


So the next question is why buy the GTS 2 Mini over the full blown GTS 2? Well, that's a no brainer in our books.The only real sacrifice over the flagship GTS 2 is music storage, the on-board speaker and voice assistant. And all of those elements didn't wow us on the GTS 2 at all.


The GTS 2 Mini has a smaller 40mm case over the 42mm of the full GTS 2, and the screen is reduced to 1.55 inches. The resolution is also scaled down to 306 x 354 pixels, but it still produces 450 nit of brightness.


It only weighs 20 grams, and you get GPS, SpO2, the BioTracker 2.0 heart rate sensor, and 14 days of battery life in addition to all that. There are 60 sports profile templates provided by default; each contains identical information as the Zepp app - plus support for third-party APIs like Strava.



AmazfitBip U Pro:

The Bip U and Bip U Pro are available in all countries, with the Bip S being replaced by a newer model at the same price. The display has been significantly enhanced, with a larger 1.42-inch screen over the Bip S's 1.28 inches.


Resolution has been upped to 320x302, although the TFT screen technology isn't comparable to that found on Fitbit, Apple, or Samsung competitors.TheBip U Pro has GPS, as well as SpO2 monitoring, stress monitoring, and breathing training, and the AmazfitBioTracker 2 module monitors your heart rate vitals.


That will also give you data from over 60 workout profiles. And if you like Alexa on your wrist, the standard Bip U is available for only $79.99; it does not include native GPS or Alexa support. But at just $79.99 for the Professional version, why not spend a little more?


We tested the AmazfitBip U Pro, which was impressively inexpensive. It's a strong package that doesn't cut corners and belies its low price. Yes, there are compromises in terms of build quality and yes, health data isn't quite as good as Fitbit/Apple standards. But it isn't far off. For bargain hunters looking for a smart acquisition, this is an excellent choice.


Huawei Watch Fit:

The Huawei Watch Fit has dropped in price to around $96.99, making it even more difficult for US customers to locate. The original version of the watch has subsequently been released with a stainless steel finish, resulting in a significant price reduction.


The Huawei Watch Fit is an unexpectedly pleasant smartwatch to wear. We grew fond of the large 1.64-inch 456 x 280 AMOLED display, which is sharp and colorful.There's GPS on board, as well as over 100 sport profiles, and running is well catered for with guided training programs and sophisticated data like aerobic training effect, VO2 Max, and recovery time.


It's waterproof to 50 meters, includes swim tracking, and there's a SpO2 monitor for blood oxygen monitoring. There are still some software issues despite the fact that the heart rate monitor is not yet accurate. Huawei isn't likely to share its platform with other apps because it's still a big shame.


But at this price it's an excellent smartwatch, that delivers true value.


TicWatch GTH:

TicWatch has prioritized budget smartwatches, and the GTH is no exception. It's not a stunning sight with a plastic casing and a view contained within a large black frame and bezel.


It's equipped with a 1.55-inch 360 x 320 LCD screen, which isn't bad in comparison to the AMOLED on the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, but it pales in comparison to the Bip U Pro's DCF display.


It includes 14 exercise profiles, including walking, indoor and outdoor running, indoor and outdoor cycling, jump rope, swimming, rowing, freestyle exercise, mountain climbing, gymnastics, soccer (in the game), basketball (in the game), and yoga.


However, there is no GPS on this tracker; as a result , it cannot keep up with devices like the AmazfitBip U Pro.The true appeal is that it can continuously monitor heart rate stress levels body temperature and blood oxygen levels. There are few watches at this price that provide continuous monitoring.


As a smartwatch, it's straightforward and the notification support is rather outdated. The health monitoring features are effective, but it didn't beat Fitbit for heart rate monitoring or sleep tracking.


Realme Watch S:

The second-generation RealMe 's budget smartwatch is a far more polished product than the first (listed below), with a round design and an AMOLED display. A 1.3-inch, 360 x 360 touchscreen AMOLED display sits in the forefront, so it looks really sharp even if it doesn't have much going on underneath the hood.


There's no GPS, and only aIP68 water resistance rating, which makes it unsuitable for swimming or showering. In fact, it's somewhat unusual in the realm of budget smartwatches.Despite the fact that it lacks GPS, you'll be able to use 16 sports profiles, including running, cycling, table tennis, basketball, and indoor rowing and cycling.


There's an optical heart rate sensor that measures resting heart rate and exercise intensity. It can also use the SpO2 sensor to take blood oxygen readings. You've got a 390mAh battery on board that Realme claims can last up to 15 days without requiring a charge.


It's not as exciting as the Bip U Pro, but it offers similar performance and is comparable in price to the Amazfit army.



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