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Why Do Most Businesses Need Enterprise Mobility Solutions Now More Than Ever?


Businesses are constantly in the race to opt for the latest technologies and innovations to stay ahead of the competition they face. Considering how business operations are becoming increasingly digital each passing day, any business that falls behind in planning and implementing effective mobile strategies is bound to suffer damage. 

Enterprise application software development allows businesses to compete in the highly competitive digital space. With the right solutions, it is possible for businesses to streamline operations, and experience optimal and smooth growth. 

Before you start searching for an enterprise application development company for your business, it is important that you are aware of the basics. Read down below to find out more. 

What Is Enterprise Mobility? 

Enterprise mobility enables businesses and companies to offer remote working options to their employees. By transferring corporate data through mobile applications, it becomes possible for employees to access the data anywhere, anytime, allowing them to effectively carry out duties and tasks outside the office environment. 

Advanced technologies such as enterprise mobility management and more help IT departments to streamline security measures that allow mobile workers to address security risks effectively.

In simpler words, the trend recognizes the importance of policy, technology, and process adoption by organizations to ensure safe and secure access to corporate services, apps, and data. 

Interesting Enterprise Mobility Stats 

  • 82% of executives say that mobile is the face of digital transformation. 
  • 80% of executives believe smartphones are necessary for employees to do their work. 
  • 62% of employees delay completing tasks that require logging into multiple systems. 
  • 70% of access to enterprise systems will occur through smartphones by 2020. 

What benefits do Enterprise Mobility Solutions offer for Businesses? 

Read more to find out the benefits of enterprise application development servicesfor businesses. 

1.     Increased Productivity

The reason so many businesses choose to opt for enterprise mobility solutions is because of the enhanced productivity it provides. With the right business systems and infrastructure, it is possible for your employees to automate manual administrative tasks with a single click, eliminating the need to spend several hours on tedious, repetitive tasks. Tasks such as processing forms, entering information, downloading, and uploading information can be cut down from 5 steps to 1.

This not only lifts the work burden off the employees but also allows them to spend this time on more important and urgent tasks. All in all, enterprise mobility solutions allow workers to save time and effort. 

2.                 Effective cybersecurity measures

Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest challenges that businesses in almost every sector and industry have to face. This has not only made organizations realize the importance of strong security measures but has also caused them to prioritize a reliable cyber security system. 

Enterprise mobility management solutions allow businesses to monitor their assets and secure mobile systems. Furthermore, enterprise mobility solutions also enable businesses to recover from cyber-attacks, stolen devices, and data breaches. 

3.                 Substantial Reductions in Costs

The goal of every business is to reduce costs and maximize profits. In an organization where efficiency and productivity are boosted with the help of enterprise mobility solutions, the costs are bound to go down, resulting in increased profits. Also, since enterprise mobility services allow employees to work remotely, office expenditures are also reduced.   

Moreover, mobility also allows companies to go paperless. This does not only benefit the organization but benefits the environment as well. Businesses can always make use of the saved funds to improve other areas of the business. 

4.                 Gain access to real-time data

As productivity increases so do the overall efficiency of the business operations. Adopting strategies that help your employees manage their work effectively promotes employee empowerment and boosts work satisfaction. 

For businesses to succeed, it is important that employees are able to gain real-time access to data when needed. For instance, a barcode scanner can help warehouse pickers easily locate products and items that they need to pick. Workers can also find out whether a certain product is available in inventory or not from a different location.  

5.                 Effective data tracking and analytics

Data regarding customers’ needs and preferences holds a lot of importance for businesses. Understanding what your target audience wants and knowing their preferences can help enterprises flourish. enterprise mobility applications allow businesses to collect vital data regarding their customers which can be used to analyze consumer behavior.  


If you are not aware of the right method to integrate enterprise mobility solutions in your business, you can always reach out to a professional enterprise application development company.


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