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The Best Free Resources to Ramp Your Academic Writing Skills


Find out all about the best FREE services to level up your academic writing skills. Go through their unique features and learn how they can help one write better.

Title: Level UP Your Academic Writing with These FrBecoming an excellent academic writer is not as easy as some might think. Hard work, focused reading & analysis of quality write-ups and acute observations are crucial to developing crack skills. Even then, many pupils struggle to achieve that unique flair necessary to deliver impressive write-ups fast. Time management, organization and research are significant hurdles that numerous academic essay writerface. Proper guidance and support are essential to ramp up their writing quality and speed.

Technology offers an effective way out.  Numerous software applications and services have sprung up in recent times, which can help students level up their academic writing skills.

This article explores the best FREE services to boost academic writing skills.

The Finest Free Services to Level Up Your Academic Writing Skills

Solid academic writing skills do not come overnight but take patience and determination. However, several apps and services are now available to help writers temper their skills and craft outstanding write-ups. There's something for every need, from writing assistants to free plagiarism checkers, citation generators, grammar checkers, etc.

Here are some of the best free tools and services for academic writers all over.

1.        Toggl: The BEST FREE Time Management App

Toggle is a time tracking application that prevents writers from wasting this precious commodity.

The app can be installed on a phone or a computer and shows how much time one spends completing a particular writing task. Google offers options to create different projects and run the clock to ascertain elapsed time. It helps identify various time leeches throughout the day and can motivate writers to run against the clock, improving their speed.

Toggle integrates quickly with all major browsers. The UI is intuitive and straightforward, and for individuals, the features available with the free basic plan is more than sufficient.

2.        Hemingway Editor: FREE Editor for All

Editing is a crucial aspect of any academic writing process. Proper editing is no meagre task and exceedingly tough for many. The Hemingway Editor can come in handy during editing struggles.

The editor highlights content that affects the readability, clarity, and engagement of a write-up and any spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. For example, it points out lengthy sentences in yellow, dense & complicated sentences in red and urges users to replace words highlighted in blue with shorter replacements. In addition, the app points out the passive voice in green, offers multiple formatting options and some essential content statistics and a grade.

The Hemingway Editor is entirely free and a great resource to ease academic writing skills.

3.        Slick Write: The FREE Informative Writing Companion

Slick Write is another excellent free writing tool for amateur and professional academic writers alike. The service checks the grammar, writing style and also the vocabulary of any content. What's more, it underlines and highlights the different issues in a text and even explains the underlying issues.

All anyone needs to do is write or copy & paste some text in the designated text and then click the check button. The app checks the content and offers a host of suggestions in different categories. Then, users can click on those suggestions and make the necessary changes.

Slick Writer allows downloading of the edited text, and its suggestions are an excellent way to learn more about the art of good academic writing.

4.        Phrasebank: A Goldmine for Research Writers

Struggling with the perfect set of words to express something in a particular context is a nightmare for any academic writer. Situations become worse when one has dissertations and research papers to publish.

Enter the Academic Phrasebank, an exceptional resource for academic research writers. Developed by Professor John Morley of The University of Manchester, the database contains phraseological examples necessary for research writing. In addition, numerous research-specific phrases are available for writers to incorporate in their content.

Most items in the Phrasebank are content-neutral and generic and can assist writers in organizing & developing their own content better.

5.        Viper Plagiarism Checker: A SWIFT and Secure Plagiarism Checker

Checking for duplicate or similar content is vital, and the Viper Plagiarism Checker is one of the best free online checkers out there. It is fast and comes with a host of valuable features such as instant upload, scanning corpus of more than 10 billion sources, options to scan & compare essays, journals, etc., and concise plagiarism reports.

One downside is that the premium version comes with a host of features and requires one to buy credit.

6.        After The Deadline: Another Great Writing Assistant

After The Deadline's superb, feature-packed service analyses all text and pinpoints issues with writing style, spelling and grammar errors. The stand-out feature about this application is that it explains clearly why certain things need to be changed.


Extensions and add-ons are available for all major browsers & word processors that allow users to check anything they write, online and off-line.

7.        More Marvellous Academic Writing Tools

Here are some more great tools that can amp academic writing skills substantially.

l  Grammar Girl: An excellent free online service, the Grammar Girl website is the place to get accurate answers to all grammar queries. The site has a vast array of resources to help students understand the different rules and nuances of English grammar. In addition, numerous blog posts explain punctuation, word usage, writing style, and grammar, assisting writers in writing better.

l  Visuwords: Visualizing words and their relationships with each other can be an excellent way to boost vocabulary. Visuwords is an innovative effort that's a visual dictionary. It showcases the different associations among different words visually, engaging the user's imagination and visual memory through the process.

l  Writer’s Digest: This is a great place to learn how to write better from actual writers. Writer’s Digest has a large community forum where published writers congregate and converse, blogs and numerous resources.

l  Google Docs: One of the best collaborative tools for writers across the board, Google Docs allows real time editing that reflects in the uploaded documents. What's more, it integrates seamlessly with every other service in Google's kitty, such as Meet, Spreadsheets, Drive, Hangouts, etc. In addition, video-conferencing via Meet, Skype or Zoom allows revisions and editing to be done as you interact with others.

Well, that's about it for this write-up.  Technology is the way forward, as evident from the host of handy resources that allow writers to ace academic writing like a pro.

Hope this write-up helps students and academic paper writers find the best academic writing tools.


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