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A swim spa is a combination between a pool and a spa. It is an unorthodox version that offers tranquillity, swimming, and all-season fitness options. It has features like heating and hydromassage of a spa with enough space to permit a variety of low-impact water exercises. It is designed specially to create resistance. The propelling system and the jets create a suitable environment for a session of workouts.

The propelling feature allows people to swim in fixed places by producing currents and contributes to effective exercise and swimming experiences. These currents remove the flip and turn moves after several strokes which is a common difficulty in the customary pools.

Swim spas have numerous other features to offer. Here are some of them.

·         These utilities can spark your home. It is perfect for a Sunday get-together or an evening relaxing occasion. They would prove to be an asset with their outstanding qualities.

·         Swim Spas can be incredibly versatile with all they can offer at once.

·         It can help in cutting gym costs. Moreover, it can replace a home workout.

·         Swim spas are easy to install. Its maintenance and operational charges are far less than a regular swimming pool.

·         The swimming season can now extend all year long. Even the harshest winters allow swim spa usage.

·         Technology that creates a relaxing atmosphere and delivers utmost fitness.

·         You get all the pros of a pool at a smaller size.

Many accessories are used with a swim spa. It depends on an individual’s idea of customization. Here are some available options that can extraordinarily accessorize your swim spa. Take a look here.

·         Treadmill- Aquatic treadmills serve the same purpose as an on-land one. Resistance plays a role in higher rates of fat burn. So you have the option to walk, jog and run underwater.

·         Bluetooth- Pair your sound system with devices enabling Bluetooth connectivity and listen to your favorite tunes.                

·         Aquabike- Get cycling experience underwater.

·         WIFI and mobile applications- A function that allows plug and play and wifi or app features to command the settings of the swim spa.

·         Row bar kit with resistance gear-  A cardiovascular exercise gear to strength train underwater.

·         Jacuzzi Functions- Improves blood circulation, joint pains, and mental state.

·         Pairing fitness applications- Keep metrics of real-time and smart workout.

·         Pace display- Indicates the flowing speed of the water. It is convenient in navigating currents through workouts.

·         Underwater mirror- Self assess with a stay-in-place form of mirror that allows correction postures and refined performance.

·         Swim tether- A cord attached for additional support.


Here is another list for the folks to exercise with their families other than swimming.

·         Aqua Jogging

·         Rowing

·         Aqua Cycling

·         Upper body exercises

·         Water weightlifting

·         Squats

·         Kickbacks

·         Yoga and breathing exercises

·         Pushups

·         Laps

·         Spinning

·         Lowe ab crunches

·         Torso twists

Swim spas are exclusive and designed to meet the needs of human leisure. It is versatile and an alternative to a traditional pool, only in a smaller area. Defy gravity by exercising in a fun way in the tremendous flow of water under your control. Enjoy the therapeutic hydromassage sessions with your near and dear ones. Benefit in terms of various skin, body, and mental issues known to reduce through water workout.

Swim spas are the next generation of pools. They are adding to the comforts in less expensive and undemanding ways. Although it has been around for a few years, it is already craziness. Sooner, this technology will be spreading like wildfire. It more or less seems like a bargain to sit in a hot tub with various features and enjoy a dim social evening with family and friends.


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