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Most Engaging Virtual Exhibit Hall Examples and Ideas


Exhibitors play a vital role in increasing the ROI of your virtual conference, expo, or trade shows. With events happening virtually without physical booths, organizers were concerned if they would be able to attract attendees to their event?


It was then when the virtual exhibit hall ideas came into the picture. A virtual exhibit hall example is an excellent way to showcase the brand's products, services, and offerings on the digital screen. It helps create unique brand experiences.


Let us take you through some of the most engaging virtual exhibit hall ideas;


Immersive exhibitor booth design

Many virtual event platforms offer unique designs for virtual booths and exhibitor branding. Virtual event companies like Dreamcast provide a 100% customizable and user-friendly interface. They help you with endless opportunities to deliver impressive brand experiences. With a customizable booth, exhibitors can choose to keep accessible videos, documents, pdfs, hyperlinks, and clickable logos. It helps intensify the appearance and feel of the virtual booth. Besides this, you can also use eye-catching graphics, lively imagery, and captivating videos to lure more attendees to your exhibitor halls.


Create engaging content


An exhibit hall includes exciting content, conversations, associations, and networking. So, adding some interactive factors makes it even easier for attendees to connect, interact, and begin meaningful communications with the exhibitors. You can consider keeping including videos with excellent content that will compel the attendees to visit the booth.


Use social media to promote the exhibitors


It is important to keep the attendees notified about what's going on. As the virtual event proceeds, use social media channels to highlight exhibitors. You can update the audience about the promotional proposals or forthcoming live sessions. It will keep them connected to the exhibitors and prompt them to take benefit of any opportunities.


Pre-event marketing strategies for your exhibitors will help you bring more registrations and participation. It will also help the exhibitors to promote their brand and provide novel brand experiences. For example, during an online conference, you can add immersive graphics to the sessions to boost visits to the virtual conference booth. Your exhibitors can also use them on social media handles to generate real-time buzz.


Use online coupons to lure more attendees

Everyone likes a deal! The possibility of saving money can act as a significant incentive in drawing attendees to navigate the exhibitor hall. You can co-ordinate with exhibitors to build special promotional offers for your event. It is an effective strategy to obtain more leads. Exhibitors can market these offers via their virtual exhibit halls, and you can incorporate the coupons with the relevant information you send out before the online event.


Let exhibitors create their booth


Even if the audience can no longer visit the exhibitor stalls physically, you can still provide them a centralized spot to window-shop different exhibits. It helps us learn that how many attendees showed up for our booths. Showcasing exhibitor pages through your official website or event app will allow the participants to ask questions. It is an efficient strategy to deliver relevant information to the attendees and if possible convert them into prospect leads.


Assist exhibitors to create virtual booths enriched with stunning visuals. It can include pictures, videos, logos, content, and posters to make their brand shine out. Consistent branding leaves a huge impact on the audience. Rich visuals offer an overall idea about what the exhibitor wants to convey to his audience. Additionally, it's an excellent method to highlight booth staff on the exhibitor’s page so the attendees can contact them conveniently.


Make the most of gamification


Gamification holds significant importance in assuring attendee involvement and interest. For example, try including prizes that audiences will be qualified to win, and provide them points for attending different booths. You can also ask the exhibitors to conduct a challenge related to their organization on their profiles. Participants will be elated to attend as many booths as possible to earn maximum points.


Keep the exhibitor's page active even after the event is over


Your exhibitors can proceed to increase the ROI of the event even after it's over. By keeping the exhibitor profiles open for some weeks post the online event, participants can always get the choice of going back and reaching the booths. They can visit the booths they missed while the event was live. making the event a valuable investment to exhibitors in a way that goes beyond what even in-person events can accomplish.


Allot designated time for where participants are asked to attend the booths


You might think participants will like to visit the exhibitors and their booths during breaks, but most of them will favor using that time to stay away from their virtual screen. Try scheduling particular segments for participants to visit different virtual exhibits, and if it interests them, they may end up visiting other booths too.


Send emails with a brochure with information regarding the exhibitors before the event


Ask exhibitors to provide a precise description of their organization, product, and services with the contact information and rich visuals. Converting this valuable info into a PDF format and emailing it to the audience will keep them notified regarding the exhibitors of the event. It is an excellent way to arouse a sense of interest and excitement among the attendees. This way the attendees know which exhibitor to connect with. It also helps the exhibitors obtain qualified leads.



Final Word

A virtual event does not mean you cannot make it bizarre and memorable. You can include awesome features and multiple exhibitors to make your event stand out. In order to draw more exhibitors, it is vital to make your exhibitors feel benefitted. If you strategically plan your event and succeed to satisfy the exhibitors, they would surely love to invest in your upcoming events as well.



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