How To Prepare Your Office For Hot Summer Season


The hot summer season can make your office uncomfortable for employees and other workers inside the workplace.

If you want to ensure good ambiance and right If you live in a place that is experiencing the summer heat, then your office probably isn't very inviting. Here's how to stay cool and be comfortable at work this summer:

Adjust Temperature With Air Conditioner

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, everyone has their preference for how cool or warm they like their office to be. If you're one of the people that need it colder than everyone else, then this tip is for you.

If your AC's settings are old and rusted, consider buying a new one. A new air conditioner with the latest technology will keep your office cool for a longer time and in a more efficient manner. It might cost a bit up front, but you'll save money on your power bills every month.

If your AC's settings are newer, consider increasing their position. The age of the machine determines how high it can go. So, get out there and get new AC filters, too.

They'll cost you next to nothing and they do wonders for air quality. Also, you should do maintenance of your air conditioner on regular basis. Make sure you call the professional such as air conditioning Sydney contractors.

Open Your Windows In Break Time

Instead of sitting inside with the AC on, go outside for a few minutes! Not only will it give your eyes a break from computer screens and bright lights, but it will cool you down in a jiffy.

In the summer, the outside gets hot. But not too hot for you to go out and get some fresh air! Five minutes of breathing in unfiltered air beat twenty minutes of canned AC any day.

Sit Near Open Doorway

If your office is the type that doesn't let you open windows, then you might as well create a cross breeze by sitting near an open door.

It's not as effective as opening the window itself but it's better than nothing at all. Just make sure that no one is going to accidentally walk into your office and trip over your feet or the door.

Keep Water Bottle With You

Your body craves moisture in the heat, so pour yourself some water every hour or so. Some people prefer cold water, but others swear by warm tea with honey. It's all up to you!

Just make sure that you stay hydrated during work hours. Don't forget to put your cup on a coaster, too. Some people like to keep tiles or coasters near their water bottles so that people always know where the wet rings are.

Dress Appropriately

A few of us might be able to get away with wearing shorts and sandals around the office, but most of us will probably get a few dirty looks if we do. Remember to bring pants and closed-toe shoes for those days when you need to go outside.

On the other hand, if you work at an office that prefers business casual, then feel free to let your dress code go a bit looser during the summer.

Maintain Comfortable Ambiance

The ducted air conditioners can help in maintaining the right ambiance inside the workplace. Therefore, you should consider the installation of new technology.

With the help of the right air conditioners, you can ensure the right ambiance inside the office. Keep the ducts of the air conditioner unplugged and keep the AC maintained by calling professionals such ad ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors.

Keep Fan In Front

It doesn't matter whether you prefer oscillating fans, box fans, or simple desk fans (although oscillating/box will do more to cool your office). Just make sure that you have one nearby for whenever the AC isn't enough.

And don't forget to point the fan in your direction! Don't forget to clean the blades before turning on the fan, too.

Nobody wants a bunch of dust flying around in their face when they're trying to cool off. Just make sure that you don't clean it while it's still plugged in-- seriously, you'll get a nasty shock if you forget to unplug it first.

Keep Encouraging Yourself

It's easy to get worked up over hot weather, but don't sweat it too much! Remember that the heat won't last forever and that we're all counting down until fall comes around again.

Plus, if you have a summer job. It is not going to last forever either! In fact, there are so many jobs out there that the heat shouldn't even be your biggest concern.


These are some of the tips which you can follow to maintain optimum ambiance inside the office. Precisely follow and implement these tips and techniques to set the right temperature and humidity level inside the office.

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