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How to Become a Wholesale Distributor: 7 Tips for Distributor Success

 As a wholesale distribution expert, I know better than anyone that distributors are some of the biggest stars in the affiliate marketing industry.

The reasons for this are simple: they drive sales through their scalable distribution systems, they provide buyer support to customers who are not on the internet 24/7, and because distributors do more than just promote products on their site - they help people get started building successful online businesses.

All you have to do is look at some of the top earners on sites like Clickbank and JVZoo to see how big an impact distributor can have when it comes to creating income streams with affiliate programs.  I even saw one distributor promoting about 20 different affiliate programs!

If you've ever wondered how someone goes from being a regular online marketer to a wholesale distributor, then this article is for you.

After all, becoming a successful affiliate marketer is one thing - becoming a successful wholesale distributor is another!  Let's take a look at some of the things you can do to ensure your path to success will be as easy as possible.

7 Tips for Distributor Success:

Tip #1- You Need a Plan and An Understanding of The Industry

Before I even decided to become an affiliate marketer, I spent months learning about the industry and looking for products that were likely to be successful with my target audience.  The same thing should be happening here before you start promoting products on behalf of other companies.  

As part of this, you need to understand how the wholesale distribution industry works. Even though affiliate marketing has been around for years, there are still lots of marketers who have no idea about the different business models.  For example, some people think that they can promote a product on their site and then get a check in their mailbox a few weeks later!

This is not going to happen. To be successful with network marketing programs it's important to know what you're getting yourself into before you start promoting products from various companies.  Stick around long enough and you may even end up running your own company!

Tip #2- You Need a Website and A List

Even if I wasn't planning on building my own website when I first started doing affiliate marketing, I had no choice but to set one up.  This was because at the time, most affiliate offers required you to have a website in order to participate.

Since Whole Suppliersare expected to have websites, this shouldn't be difficult. Plus, you need an email list if you want people who buy from your site to come back later and buy more - so it's important that you sign up for a service like Aweber or Mailchimp before even starting.

Tip #3- You Need to Know How to Promote What You're Selling

Most of us know how to promote affiliate products online by now - if not, there are plenty of experts out there waiting on standby who are willing to help newbies (just like me!) get started.

If you want to be successful with wholesale distribution, however, it's important that you understand what promotional strategies are working in the industry today. This means understanding how to leverage Facebook ads, YouTube ads and any other advertising channels that make sense for your business.  It also means learning about paid traffic sources like HubSpot Ads or Google AdWordsTraffic.

It then also goes without saying that you should spend some time learning about SEO so you can build up your search engine rankings over time.

Tip #4- You Need a Support System

One of the big benefits of developing an online business is the ability to work from home - which makes having robust support systems even more important. Because product prices can vary, you'll want to do everything possible to ensure that you know how every product works before selling it.

If you don't have access to a support system for your wholesale distributor business, then now is the time to build one!  Go ahead and find mentors in your niche that will be willing to give feedback on products, provide recommendations on traffic sources and more.  The best part about having a support system is that these people will be ready and willing to help whenever you need them - which can be extremely helpful when it comes time for testing new promotional strategies.

Tip #5- You Need to Build Relationships with Other Retailers

Just like with affiliate marketing, there are dozens of different companies out there competing for dominance in the online retail space. Because of this, it's important that you do everything possible to build relationships with other retailers online who are selling similar products to your own.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by joining affiliate programs for both wholesale distributors and brick-and-mortar stores at the same time. Doing so will get you access to their email lists so you can promote your new company on a larger scale than ever before - which can lead to increased conversions if done right.

Tip #6 - You Need to Have Faith in Yourself and Your Product

No matter what product or service you're attempting to sell, there is always going to be competition out there ready and willing to beat your prices into the ground!

If you don't believe in your product, then nobody else will either. This means taking the time to learn all about your affiliate products before you even consider promoting them publicly - this way, you have a much better chance of being able to talk confidently about what makes each item so special!

Here's a tip: if you're going to be selling self-help books, it helps a lot if you already have a degree or certification related to mental health or personal development. Also, having a blog with plenty of quality content is also useful as well as social media accounts that are updated regularly. This gives people more reason to trust and buy from you instead of just buying from Amazon who provide no customer service whatsoever. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule - but for the most part, this will be a really helpful strategy.

Tip #7- You Need to Be Willing to Invest in And Promote Your Product

The last tip to keep in mind as you try to promote wholesale products is that you have to be willing to invest time and money into your company.  If you're not going to spend at least a few hundred dollars on advertising every month, then there's no sense even starting a business because it simply won’t grow fast enough!

On top of that, it's important that you challenge yourself by trying out new promotional techniques as often as possible. This means staying up-to-date with trends, researching how others doing things and finding what works best for your specific needs - instead of taking a one-size fits all approach.

Being open to new ideas and willing to experiment is how you can keep up with industry leaders as well as find what types of unique strategies work best for your niche!


Wholesale distributor products give you the opportunity to sell many different things from food to furniture, from toys to tools and from computers to cars. Because of this, it's extremely important that you take the time to research as much as possible before making any purchases or investments into a product line that you know nothing about. In fact, we suggest spending at least $50 on every affiliate offer so that if something goes wrong there isn't too much money wasted!


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