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How AI Could Improve Your SEO

 In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been making significant waves across various industries. Our previous article on ‘AI Trends for 2019’ explores its various impacts, such as making visual searches more advanced, improving logistics, and creating smarter virtual assistants. Similarly, search engine optimization (SEO) is another trend that leads to greater online visibility for companies and improves website traffic. Working hand in hand, these two technologies can generate greater insights, increase automation, and lead to greater personalisation in the long run:

It can boost customer personalisation

Experts agree that we are entering an age of hyper personalisation, with customers gravitating towards brands that zero in on their preferences. Through big data analysis, digital marketing campaigns can be more directly geared towards customers, such as presenting more personalized product recommendations. For instance, AI can create unique user experiences based on brand information, which can help generate vital keywords and useful search terms. Retail brand Thread uses its AI algorithm to tailor its clothing recommendations to suit each customer’s personal needs, instead of depending on individual stylists.

It can lead to greater efficiency and quality in terms of content

When users search for your product or service online, ranking high on a search engine like Google is the goal. An article by Nate Need on ReadWrite describes how the more reputable links a site has directed towards it, the higher it will rank. Better written content and blog posts mean that you’ll receive a higher rate of return when you use SEO. Over time, it is likely that AI will enable Google to develop more effective algorithms in terms of quality evaluation, so creating quality content to engage your target audience is the key to boost your rankings.

It can lead to increased conversion and better customer experience

Lastly, AI can improve the process of data analysis and make digital advertising even more effective. Business2Community states how natural language processing, which is powered through AI is a useful tool in website optimization. Features like spellcheck, auto complete, auto correct, and suggesting related keywords will make it much easier and more intuitive for users to find your products online. Within company websites, it can help users find the correct information much more quickly and answer any queries or address concerns they might have.

In the future, merging AI with SEO can help benefit your company in numerous ways. Through automated learning and big data analysis, you can offer more effective and personalized solutions to customers, increasing the opportunity for growth and development


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