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The idea was phenomenal. The start was epic. The growth is unprecedented.

The reach and influence of the online media is increasing by the minute and online learning, training and development are in vogue like never before. This was the scenario even before the deadly virus gripped the world. The pandemic only reinforced things we already know. The biggest for us all have been that digital is all pervasive and is the only way to keep the show going on.


This is exactly the ideology which embraced. The organization envisaged a collaborative platform that aimed at a big apparition to bring trainers and trainees on a single dais for a mutually beneficial, fruitful and constructive professional business relationship.

And this was translated action and much more. The founder trainers of this very illustrious platform are all stalwarts in their own right. In their earthly sojourn, they have garnered immense industry and academic experience. The experience is such that thousands of others stand to benefit immensely; if it were to be passed on to them.


In an extremely short time frame, has been a resounding success and has amalgamated more than ten thousand users.

The underlying premise of the initiation of this concept was that there are hundreds and thousands of people who are looking out for proper guidance and counsel at this very crucial juncture of their lives. There are also several mentors in their quest of looking for mentees. become that connect between them.


The portal’s journey has been the envy of many. The offerings encompass a very wide plethora of courses; ranging from different domains and functionalities. Career and business management, calligraphy and hand lettering, health and fitness, yoga and mindfulness, computers and coding and many more.

This portal offers a win-win situation for both the trainers and the learners. There is continuous flow of traffic in the form of students for each of the teachers. The volumes only keep escalating with each course discharged. The visibility and reach of the trainers grows manifold each time a session is completed. This translates in the form of more students; who they can take under their wings.


The trainees benefited immensely from this superlative, pristine concept too. They now use it as a one-stop solution whenever, wherever they are looking for assistance for courses to join. The ease of use and lowered costs make them choose this portal over all others available online.

The crowd-sourcing concept of is novel and unique. No one in the world has every envisioned such a concept that has only positives and no negatives at all. Registering on this portal is a life-altering experience for both.


The exposure, the knowledge-sharing, the reach and the experiences in general are second to none. Also, one very note-worthy point to mention here is that at the end of the course, the trainers are given accreditation by their students. This too is a very innovative concept as it is usually the trainers who evaluate the students; hereby the students feel that they opinion counts.


Ten thousand users are just the start for Bigger and more competitive goals await us. By the end of 2021, the aim is to be the numero uno choice for everyone; all across the world.

We have taken off; on your flight to reach the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. We are extremely hopeful that you will jump on aboard with us as we both make the sky our final destination.


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