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Best Laptops For Blogging

 In addition, the majority of readers of this blog have been blogging for years before blogging was invented and I'm sure they're excited to get their new laptops to continue writing.

The bloggers we follow aren't all alike: some of us prefer huge screens, while others preferultra-portable laptops that have a longer battery life, and a some of us might need some extra power to do the video editor.

1. ASUS VivoBook 17

  • AMD Ryzen 3, 5, 7

  • 8-12GB RAM DDR4

  • AMD Radeon RX Vega

  • 256-512GB PCIe NVMe

  • 17" full HDTV Full HD 17"

Reader Multi-format card reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC) Networking 1 x COMBO audio jack 1 x Type-C USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) 1 x USB 3.0 port(s) Type A 2 x USB 2.0 port(s) Type A 1 x HDMI 1 x micro SD card

(802.11 AC) as well as Bluetooth 4.1Interface

My recommendation is to concentrate on the display and keyboard because the two will be the most significant in your search to create high-quality content.


This laptop features 17" display that has an FHD resolution. Very few laptops are equipped with this. They usually come with 17" display with HD or HD+ resolution. There's nothing wrong with that but an FHD (1920x1024) screen will provide an additional screen area by decreasing the size of every item on the screen.

This isn't a monitor for desktops, but you can select the image and be able to see the 1920x1080(FHD) photo.

You can observe, you can easily put videos next to the text editor, and keep some time at the bottom to make notes.

There are obviously screen with higher resolutions such as those on MacBooks (which we'll cover in the near future) and 4K gaming equipment.

But, those devices might not have the necessary features (like dedicated GPUs and a lot of RAM and processor speed) however they can also be extremely expensive (1000-3000dollars) and, well, blogging isn't the most luxurious profession as we've all experienced (at the very least when you first start).


Most laptops have decent keyboards. 13" laptops generally do not have excellent keyboards, unless you're in the 600$ range.

17" laptops, on contrary regardless of cost, usually come with excellent Check out acer keyboard price, and this one is no different. This is mostly because they're generally heavy (therefore they have sufficient space to accommodate a the longest travel distance) and large (this permits the use of the full size keyboard).

What is the speed limit?

What defines "speed", for most people, is the CPU and RAM. The model is available in three variants of CPU: Ryzen 3, 5 and 7. If you're not planning to play or do any kind of graphics or 3D work Yes, you are. Ryzen 3 with 8GB chips is perfect for you. If you're looking for even more speed , I'll limit myself to Ryzen 5 chips that have 8GB RAM. Both of these configurations lets you edit photos, open 50 tabs on the web open, work with Illustrator, edit videos, etc.

Newest ASUS Chromebook

  • Best ChromeBook For Blogging

  • 1.6-2.48 GHz Intel Celeron N3060


  • Intel HD

  • 32 GB eMMC

  • 11" HD Anti Glare

  • 2.2lbs

  • 10 hour

  • Chrome OS

There's a problem that comes with the 17" laptop It's heavy and bulky. Not something that's simple to carry around. It's also uncomfortable for anyone who frequently travels or is moving around frequently

I didn't have any problems with portability since I mostly stayed at home, and my laptop didn't even relocate from my old desk until I needed the need to wash it.

Chrome Books to the Rescue!

I also owned I also had a ChromeBook that was similar to the model that I used for when I needed journey by car quite far away or had the opportunity to go visit my grandparent's, who were located 8 hours away. When I started I definitely did not want to waste any time at all, I tried producing/writing/researching content when I had the chance.

Weight & Battery Life:

A ChromeBook is the 2nd most reliable companion for these purposes. They are not only lightweight (2.2lb per day on the average) and compact, they also have INSANE battery life. The model claims to last 10 hours, and that's not fool. I used to have the older variant of the model, and it was about that. Check New and Refurbished dell latitude e5530 laptop online.

Keyboard & Display:

One of the cool things about Chromebooks is that, even though they don't come with an entire keyboard, they're extremely comfortable to type on. Chromebooks don't require a lot of hardware or power to function, which means there's plenty of room to accommodate an adequate keyboard.

In fact, my Chromebook's keyboard provided more tactile feedback as compared to my 17" laptop.

The only issue that is real with the ChromeBook is the display, they're generally tiny. Therefore, you'll be restricted in the amount of multitasking you're able to do.

I'd recommend using the ChromeBook to write or type and make use of your 17" laptop/desktop to multimedia research and input.

If your blog posts are mostly driven by your knowledge and you don't require edit or conduct research on a subject and you don't have to edit or research, then you could prefer using a ChromeBook.


I know that I've said you shouldn't use CPUs like this one, but I mentioned and quote "except for ChromeBooks". The reason for this is because ChromeBooks do not have Windows 10 Home or any other Operating System that consumes a significant amount of resources. Thus, a processor with a low-end price will work fine with Chromebooks or Linux systems (which is also possible to install on the ChromeBook).

Don't worry, you can edit videos and photos, and access all the applications and software you need using Chrome OS/Linux systems as well.

If you can't discover this particular model in your area Please feel free to look at other models at this page: ASUS 2021 ChromeBook. Technically, you can get every ChromeBook you'd like but I've had a fantastic encounter with ASUS ChromeBooks. The one I used lasted approximately 7 years.

MacBook Air

  • Apple M1 Chip

  • 8GB RAM DDR4

  • Apple 8-core GPU

  • 256-2TBGB Flash Storage SSD

  • 13.3" Retina Resolution/True Color

  • 2.7lb

  • 12 hours

  • No DVD Drive

If you're among those individuals who want just one notebook, then getting a top-quality laptop such as one like a MacBook will provide you with the ideal of both worlds The long battery life/portability of the ChromeBook as well as the wide screen and keyboard quality of 17" laptop.

Naturally, the primary issue is the cost, however there are a few solutions we'll discuss in the near future. However If you're making 3 figures per month then it's probably not the best option to put some of the cash into an Apple MacBook in order to upgrade your ChromeBook as I did.

Older MacBook Air Models:

If you're strapped for cash and are still looking for a better alternative for your ChromeBook You might want to think about older models that have an 11-13" screen and the battery's life of 10-13 hours. They are available at this link. They're also a good choice for those who are just starting their blogging career but have no money.

New 16" MacBook Pro:

It's the New MacBook Pro is possibly the most ideal laptop to blog on. It's got a fantastic capacity battery, is light and has a massive display and the RETINA resolution (this will provide you with more space than the 17" display with FHD resolution).

However, I chose not to include it in this list nor in this post due to the fact that it's expensive. If you're blogger earning lots of money and want to know more, you can look it up.

The New MacBook Air with M1 Chip:

Instead, I decided to showcase my favorite MacBook Air, the New MacBook Air because it's quite affordable and has an acceptable 13.3" that has retina quality, and all the attributes we're seeking as bloggers including battery as well as a keyboard and portability.

Furthermore, the New MacBook Air has the M1 chip, which is more efficient than the CPUs that you find on laptops for consumers. There are numerous benchmark studies that prove it's superior to the previous 10th-generation Intel processors, by a far shot

Add 8GB of RAM, and editing videos using photoshop/having 100 tabs open with minimum or no lag is assured.


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