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Are Apple Products Designed and Built to Last?

 Every time Apple launches a new generation of iPhone, quite a few people are wondering whether to keep the older iPhone or sell it and use that money to buy the new and best model. However, products from Apple have always been designed for stable and long-term needs. 


Many people have decided to sell their old phones to upgrade to the latest iPhone, but many users decide to keep their old iPhones. The reasons why they keep their old iPhone 6s and don't switch to the new, shiny iPhone may surprise you. 

Easy to repair

With many years of launch, finding replacement parts for an old iPhone will certainly be a lot easier than the latest iPhone 13 series. You can even replace the batteries or screens of these phones yourself if you have the tools and refer to iFixit's repair videos. However, with the latest iPhone 13, you will not be brave enough to do that.

Long-term iOS update support

Apple is well known as a company that supports long-term software updates for its phones. The proof is that even the iPhone 6s that are more than 6 years old are still updated to the latest iOS 15 operating system. That means users' software experiences on older iPhones won't be much different from newer iPhone models.

If Apple intentionally slows down older iPhone models through software updates, they will be charged. Conversely, if it does not support updates, Apple products will be considered obsolete. Apple's only way is to support the update well for users. Therefore, old iPhone users will have one more reason to postpone the upgrade to the new iPhone.

Environmental concerns

Many people are concerned about the environmental impact of phones, both the waste from old devices and the materials needed to make the new model. People trying to minimize their impact on the environment will try to use their smartphones for as long as possible. As long as it's functional and repairable, there's little reason to upgrade and contribute to global e-waste.

Apple products are always stable

In recent years, Android smartphones have come a long way. Many high-end flagships have attractive looks such as Galaxy S10, Mate 20 Pro, or Find X, integrating a series of advanced technologies in camera, screen, battery ... to bring new experiences to users. This process is also happening strongly in the lower smartphone segments. That is impressive!

So we do not hesitate to recommend our friends Android smartphones if they want to experience unique features, or are looking for a good device with a reasonable budget. However, once the criterion of "stable use" is put on top, the iPhone is still the smartphone we recommend the most, especially some affordable models like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You can use coupon codes for iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus at to save money and time.

Android is an open operating system for all mobile devices from low-cost to high-end. Android's customizability is incredibly flexible. You can change the interface, add widgets, install apps from external sources easily. It is this factor that makes Android popular, but also less stable than the iOS operating system, which is strictly controlled by Apple and is only optimized for a relatively small number of iPhone models. Compensating for the constraint of poor customization, the iPhone experience is simple, uniform, smooth, and highly secure.

A prime example is the iPhone's excellent multitasking capabilities. With significantly less RAM than Android smartphones, models with 3GB of RAM like the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X can run in the background with the same number of apps, and still function and switch apps incredibly smoothly. . After days of intense use, the iPhone didn't slow down at all, while most Android smartphones had to restart to free up RAM to improve smoothness. Sometimes just turning on the phone to check a message or call someone, the iPhone is always smooth. Just from such simple things is enough to make users feel happy!

Of course, smooth animation is just what you can see from the outside. That foundation is the powerful hardware inside. Comparing processor power, iPhone completely outperforms Android flagships launched in the same year. The GeekBench score comparison table below will clearly show this difference.

You can see the single-core and multi-core scores of the iPhone XS and XS Max are extremely impressive. Even the single-core score of the iPhone 7 Plus launched in 2016 is still equivalent to or higher than the Android flagships released in 2018. The remarkable power of the A-series processors on the iPhone is the result of Apple's control. Almost the entire process of hardware products to minimize costs, and then invest that cost in research, development, and optimization of its processor.

High-quality app and great sync

Not only does it control the hardware and operating system, but Apple also closely monitors the quality of applications on the App Store, by ensuring that developers comply with the standards of the application interface and content. At the same time, Apple pays a lot of money to developers, up to 86.5 billion USD from the beginning of the app store too early 2018, more than any app store on other operating systems.

Therefore, the application on iOS has very good quality. For the same application, for example, Facebook, Instagram, especially popular photo editing applications, most of them on iOS will have better quality than on Android. Moreover, the official applications from Apple such as iMessage, FaceTime, Camera, iMovie ... always bring convenience and comfort to users when using them. When you want to give up iOS to switch to Android, these great apps will be the factor that holds you back.

Accompanying the quality of the application is the ability to synchronize strongly across the product ecosystem created by Apple. With iMessage, you can receive messages on your iPhone and reply on your iPad or MacBook. iMessage works on all Apple devices. Or you can take a photo with your iPhone's camera, then quickly share it via your Mac, iPad, or with friends using AirDrop. And many other great things demonstrate the perfect connection of the iPhone with other products from Apple.


Apple products are always designed and built to last and meet the needs of users. Therefore, once using Apple products, users do not want to use technology products from other companies anymore. That's what makes Apple so successful today. And if you love products from Apple, don't hesitate to shop now, during the holiday season, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons when buying apple products at that will help you save a lot of money.


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