5 questions to ask while you hire android app developer


Android applications can become a great asset for your business. They help you to reach millions of users who are actively using android devices. We understand that having a responsive website that can perform well on mobile devices seems to be a better idea.


Though your websites can engage your customers when it comes to the ability to retain nothing matches a dedicated mobile application. Mobile applications help your customers to be one click away from your business so that they can easily access your products and services.


If you have a look at trends these days you can notice that all popular businesses are using mobile apps for better revenues. Whether it is your favorite brand, restaurant, or business, you can see how they are using mobile apps successfully to get more customers.


If you are also looking to develop a mobile application for your business, you need to hire android appdeveloper for it. We understand that it is easy to get a suitable developer by using freelance portals or agencies that provide such services.


However, you may fall into the trap of people who are waiting to rip your pockets. Today we will discuss five questions that you should ask while you hire android application developer:-


  1. What is your experience with developing android apps?


Whenever you choose to hire android application developer, one of the most important things to ask is about the experience. You will never want to hand over the development task to an amateur so it is better to ask about it.


You can face complications for the technology or functionalities of your android app. Having an experienced developer by your side will help you to overcome such challenges with ease. As experienced developers know the ins and outs of development so they can use it for making your android application better.


You should go through the experience details carefully to determine whether the person has relevant experience or not. We will suggest dropping candidates who do not have the required experience as it can cause problems in the later stages.


  1. What will be the expected timeline to deliver the project?


One of the most important things to do while youhire android app developer is to ask about the timelines for delivery. Though you must be having certain time frames, it's better to ask the developer about feasibility.


Every single day of delay for the completion of your application can pull you behind in the competition. If you are hiring an individual then, you may have to settle with long delivery frames but, hiring an agency can help you make your app live within a few days.


If you are preparing your timelines for the delivery then make sure to consider all factors. This will help to formulate the delivery timelines that are feasible and satisfactory for you as well as your developer.


  1. Are you going to provide ongoing maintenance after delivery?


Your need to have an android developer doesn't end with the completion of your application. Once your app is live, it may require several maintenance needs. You should ask the candidates whether they are available for it or not.


Though you can hire a new developer for maintenance, your present developer will have deep knowledge about technical aspects. He can resolve the issues and update the needs of your application much better than the new person.



  1. What will be the estimated cost to hire android app developer?


You should have clarity about the cost involved in the development of your app. It is better to ask the person you choose to hire about how much funds you need to dedicate for the successful completion of the project.


If you fail to determine the cost, you may end up paying more, or the project can halt due to a shortage of funds. Though you might have a planned budget for the development process, it is always good to discuss it with the developer.



  1. Do you have a work portfolio or any references from past clients?


Pat work and client references are some of the best ways to determine whether you are choosing a worthy developer or not. Whether you are hiring an agency or a person for developing an app, you should always ask for the work portfolio.


It will help you to know what kind of projects your developer has delivered in the past. You can also ask for the references of past clients and contact them to know about their experiences while working with the developer you are considering hiring.


So these were the five questions that you should ask while choosing to hire android app developer for your business. As your developer will play a crucial role in the success of your mobile application so don’t ignore these questions to get a fruitful result.


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